Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shop Opening -- A Prologue

So here it goes. I am opening a business soon and it's been pretty hectic, especially being a mom with two small kids and two cats and a husband to feed and care for each day. It is a fine art/card and stationary business where I will be designing and making by hand. I never thought I would be doing this for work, but things got simmered down to this pretty quickly since last October or November, whenever it was... That last big blowout I had with my hubby. He basically went loco about how dirty the house was and that I was abandoning my housewifey and motherly duties -- so I can bury myself in that "art space" I created in the guest room. Yeah it was a big blowout for him and I, I even considered leaving him (at least for a few days) but instead we slept separately for a couple of weeks and during that time I decided that I was going to start my business. Ha!

Actually this venture is not just to spite him, really. I've always wanted to claim the rights of a creative person, full time -- ever since I was little. But with many things in my former years, I couldn't allow myself to feel that desire, or take myself seriously for that matter.  But as I got older and became of age, and as I had less and less time to nurture myself since the kids were born, I found that this one thing made "my" life worthwhile -- to draw anything and everything, with a willingness to improve each time. This doesn't mean that I don't love my family, I am definitely here for them. But when I am bare naked and have nothing to call my own anymore, I can be happy as long as I have something to draw with. This might sound absolutely nuts, but the years of self-refusal has caused such a volcano of emotion inside that I now have this out of proportion need to be doing, thinking, creatively. Constantly.
The other day I said to my friend, "You know, if I had gone to art school -- and got my creative itches out of the way -- I don't think I would be here now." Going to art school was an obsession of mine in the 30s. And now in my 40s, I am obsessing about.....

Pretty things. Time moving. Pretty things gone. Time moving. New pretty things. Time moving.
And I am just going nuts trying to catch up, or at least try to capture that moment it hits me in the stomach.

Thanks for reading. Not sure exactly where I will be going with this blog, but hope I can share my experience in running a business and being creative.


  1. yoshe, this is awesome. can't wait till the next entry.

  2. Congratulations on your new business. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful things and more to come!

  3. Sweetness, I am so glad about the new business and about this volcano. Can't wait to see what all the lava carries forward! LOVE you and support your new endeavor with all my heart.