Monday, February 14, 2011

Calling your favorite non-profit....

Happy Valentine's Day!

This time of the year is always exciting with anticipation of warmer weather, I am enjoying the long-awaited sight of tiny butterflies and the buzzing sound of insects. The tulips and hyacinths are finally reaching for the sky. I look forward to spending time in the garden this year.

As many of you already know, my shop Chasing Clouds Studio is dedicated to making a difference on this planet. My line of note cards feature support of charitable organization by donating a portion of sales to a designated non-profit.

Who is your favorite non-profit? Please participate in dedicating the next card by emailing me ( or commenting on this post. In order to be considered, the charity must be in one of these categories:

  • wildlife conservation
  • naturalhabitat preservation
  • neglected animal care
  • communities in need
If your favorite organization is chosen, I will send you a CCS card as a thank-you from me!

This contest will remain open while dedications are being filled for each new card design. So there will be more than a few winners, I promise!

"Construction" page is up on Chasing Clouds Studio for now. Please check it out, there will be more to come very, very soon....


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, lovely! I nominate 2 charities:

    - Wildcare in San Rafael for their work caring for wild animals and educating human animals about their surroundings.

    - Conservation Corps North Bay for their work to break the cycle of poverty while serving the environment and community. PLUS, that's where I work now and i LOVE it.

    LOVE you. Such a sweet idea! XX

  2. Hi Yosh- Beautiful idea. My charity nomination is: Coalition to Unchain Dogs.

    Coalition to Unchain Dogs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization whose mission is improving the welfare of dogs that are continuously chained outdoors.

    This group builds dog houses and fences for dogs so they can shed their chains. Their families are provided education, support and free medical care for their unchained dogs. All dogs are spayed/ neutered, provided a free vet exam and given appropriate vaccines. The families are coached on a lifelong program to improve their appreciation, interaction and understanding of their canine companion, ultimately resulting in the vast improvement of the dog's quality of life.

  3. I have several organizations I support every year. I will pick some which will be the best match for this. Will be back soon! Ciao!

  4. I picked *California State Parks Foundation*

    After all we all need to protect the nature for new generations to come.

  5. Thank you, all! Your picks will be considered!!