Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cinnamon rotunda

Yesterday morning I was waiting for my regular fix at Peet's, glaced over as I usually do, and saw a girl and her father at a table. The little girl was about 3 or maybe 4 years old, not partiularly energetic at 8:45am. She was probably going to be dropped off at daycare soon, after her dad had his fix before he headed for work. Her golden locks kind of disheveled, she barely had her head supported up by her right hand. She was just staring out into space, her other hand picking at a cinnamon bun in front of her. She wasn't even looking at the cinnamon bun, but she was pinching a teeny, tiny morsel of it and bringing it to her half-opened mouth. She had been eating the cinnamon bun from the center -- the soft mushy part, and had left a giant ring of bun-crust on the plate. The outer most swirl of the bun stood like an inch tall, almost architecturally. A cinnamon rotunda. With a gaping crater in the middle.  I never eat cinnamon buns but after seeing that I think I am heading over to Peet's to get some today.

Anyways, shop opening is drawing nearer.  Thank you for asking about my cards; since my maiden sale in Sausalito last Christmas, (hosted by my friend Lori at Hachidori Studio), I've added quite a few new designs that reflect the atmosphere of the season as well as my own mood. My official site will be a home of all my stationary collections, while my etsy and artfire shops will be my main online storefronts where I will feature a selection of my work (because people don't buy Christmas cards in spring!). Thank you so much for your patience and your support!!! Here are just a few works in progress to share with you --


  1. those flowers would make a nice mother's day card!